Wine Tasting

Come and discover the scents and authenticity of Josetta Saffirio's wines, in the heart of the Langhe region, along with the story of the winery: a tale of vineyards, wines, and passions!

You can also add a platter with a selection of cold cuts and cheese from our trusted local producers to accompany the tasting.

Truffle tours

Experience an authentic Truffle Hunt with our trifulau (truffle hunters) and their tabui (truffle dogs): you will uncover the secrets of this underground fungus and have the opportunity to taste it alongside Josetta Saffirio's wines. After the forest search, we will guide you to the cellar to tell you the story of the winery and how we produce Barolo. Finally, you will have the chance to enjoy an excellent food and wine experience tasting our wines paired with truffle-based products and a platter of local delicacies.

Pic Nic in the Vineyard

What could be more exciting than enjoying the landscape of vineyards and castles amidst the gentle hills of the Langhe region while savoring the local cuisine? After the cellar tour and tasting of 4 wines, from April to October, we offer the Lunch Box for a minimum of two people, including a bottle of Barbera d'Alba Superiore wine and the Josetta Saffirio branded corkscrew.

Biking in the Langhe

Rent a bicycle and explore the Barolo vineyards and visit the surrounding villages.

Local restaurants

The area is full of quality eateries. From local Piedmontese cuisine to Michelin-starred restaurants. Ask our staff for information.

Papa dei Boschi

Visit the local hazelnut producer.

Public swimming pool

Try the large pool area at the top of Monforte, the family here runs a pizza restaurant and a large "public" pool area where you pay a small fee for use (insurance). There is ice cream, pizza, etc. in the restaurant there. Within walking distance of Dimora i Manichei.

Pizzeria Cincilla Alba Centro

Try authentic Italian pizza.

Franco Conterno Barolo Winery

Wine tasting at Franco Conterno (Schiulun Winery) upon request.

Mauro Sebaste Wine Cellar - Gallo d'Alba

Wine tasting at the Mauro Sebaste winery in Gallo d'Alba, upon request.

Silvano Bolmida Barolo

Wine tasting by Silvano Bolmida upon request.

Marolo Grappa Alba

Grappa tasting in Marolo, Alba. Upon request.

Coffee in Alba center

Enjoy a coffee in Alba's famous square.

Raddolo Market and Mini Market

Shop at local markets in Monforte.

Viberti Pastry Shop

Enjoy artisanal desserts from Pasticceria Viberti, 14 Palestro Street.

Children's Zoo

Visit the local zoo and reptile park. Only a 20-minute drive from Manforte.

La Saracca Restaurant

Always open from 6 pm every day.

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